The rhythmic soundscape backing of the recording is a collage put together from more than thirty recordings made around the Science Museum. Below you can see two exhibits that are in The Science Museum's interactive Launch Pad gallery together with their recorded sounds that form part of the sound collage on the track.

The electronic drums on the track are played by Adam Riley (see Adam's entry on the 'Beaux Of London' page).

Air Presure

The Big Machine

Pulleys, levers and an Archimedean screw are used to send small plastic 'seeds' around a big structure - Strangely addictive for the early years visitors!
The swishing of the seeds sounds like steam or water on the track

Big Machine

Air Cannon

A large ball falls through a wide tube sending a small ball sitting in a thinner connected tube flying up into the air.
The thudding sound the large ball makes as it falls acts as the song's bass drum.