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El Retorno Del Gigante (Argentina)

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After his debut with 'Clocks and Dark Clouds', his opera prima of progressive rock in 2013 (he has written for film and TV in Great Britain), Simon presents us with another work, this time conceptual, titled 'Newton's Alchemy' a record in which all lyrics are inspired by Isaac Newton's works as an alchemist, a protoscience that dates back to faraway Greece and later transformed into modern chemistry after the XVII Century, very popular due to the belief that lead could be transmuted into gold.

The thing is that Simon took Newton's writings on alchemy as inspiration for his own lyrics, stating in the liner notes that a musician transmutates all things in his head to turn them into music. At the same time, strictly in the musical sense he says there are nine independent pieces, which nevertheless form a whole, of complex and intricate music, with use of dissonances and instrumental counterpoints, with the guitar as the mother instrument of the harmonic constructions, the result of which is an outstanding record from which we could single out, within a very homogeneously high level, the beautiful suite "Animated Mercury", almost ten minutes in length, or the brilliant closing of the record "Turning of the Wheel" practically instrumental (there is a brief sung passage), the peak of quality of this work.

Simon McKechnie on guitars, voice, bass, keyboards and percussion; Adam Riley on drums, Claire Salaman on harp and Jan Hendrickse on flute draw this good work, mastered by the prestigious John Astley, rounding off another step up in Simon's progressive career.

Gustavo Bolasini - 4th September 2014

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