Here are examples of pieces from some of the other projects Simon has worked on

Azul NT
Huntle And P 2 Page
Azul Reading
bath picture 2 copy

From Where I'm Standing by Azul, the jazz fusion group that Simon ran from 1998 - 2005.

A Trip To Huntley And Palmers

(excerpt) Piece written for Reading Museum
Service to underscore an early 20th century
movie of work at a biscuit factory

Cinco Pasos Mas performed live at
Reading Arts Centre by Azul.

Watch movies of Azul performing with a contemporary dancer

Society of Strange small
Mendoza ensemble

Healer Theme Piano Used in the BBC World News series 'The Real...'.
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Eldorado (excerpt) for viola d'amore, viola da gamba, hurdy-gurdy and harpsichord. Performed by The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments at The Finchcocks Festival 2001

Fado Can Dance

Watch a movie of Simon performing in Nuno Silva's contemporary dance and music show 'Fado Can Dance'at The Place in London. The soundscape was a collaborative piece by Tobias Sturmer and Simon McKechnie.

Frost Fair from the musical Mendoza written with Gary Waterman. Performed at Greenwich Theatre 2005