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1. The First Matter
2. Miracles of Only One Thing (Emerald Tablet 1)
3. The Work Begins
4. The Father of All Perfection (Emerald Tablet 2)
5. Star Regulus
6. Force Above All Force (Emerald Tablet 3)
7. Philosophic Mercury
8. A Great Secret
9.Turning of the Wheel.

Simon McKechnie: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Dulcimer, Psaltery, Percussion
Adam Riley: Drums
Clare Salaman: Nyckelharpa
Jan Hendrickse: Bass Flute

All music by Simon McKechnie.
The words to ‘A Great Secret’, ‘Turning of the Wheel’ and the confessions
in the central section of ‘The Work Begins’are quotes by Isaac Newton,
‘Miracles of Only One Thing’, ‘The Father of All Perfection’ and ‘Force Above All Force’
are settings of Newton’s own translation of the Emerald Tablet.
The remaining words are by Simon McKechnie.
Produced by Simon McKechnie. Recorded at Full Range Studio, London.
Mastered by Jon Astley at Close to the Edge Studio, London.
Artwork by Vaishali Londhe.

Adam Recording