The guitar arpeggio that underpins the section of 'The Work Begins' that leads to the formation of the Star Regulus is a transposition of the opening chord's pitch cell

In the last section of 'Force Above All Force' the two minor major 9 chords that accompany the closing words of the Emerald Tablet are a different vertical stacking of the opening chord. The tones of these two chords added together give a larger cell that provides the harmony of 'A Great Secret'.

Here the pattern with 4s emphasised forms the rhythmic basis of the verses of 'The First Matter'.

Next the pattern appears with a counterpoint of separate lines in 4s, 5s, 6s and 7s

A shorter version of the pattern appears at the beginning of ' Animated Mercury' to anounce the final phases of the alchemical work.

Next 5s are emphasised

Then there is another counterpoint of separate lines in 4s, 5s, 6s and 7s

Finally the pattern appears with 6s emphasised

This section of 'Clocks and Dark Clouds' was resampled to create the texture underlying the middle section of 'The Work Begins'

Click on the image to see a score I wrote to correlate the initial sketches for Newton's Alchemy

Newton's sketches