From My Head to My Feet is a new album featuring seven songs that are rooted in progressive rock, but also show Simon's background in jazz fusion and classical music. It will be available from the 29th February 2016

Drums – Adam Riley
Saxes, Clarinet – Richard Exall
Harmony vocals – Imogen Small
Gossiping villagers on ‘Jane Wenham’s Trial’– Imogen Small, Vaishali Londhe and Simon McKechnie

All other instruments and Lead vocals – Simon McKechnie

All words and music by Simon McKechnie except for the words to Hymn of Apollo (Percy Bysshe Shelley) and the Harpist’s Song (anon). Produced by Simon McKechnie. Recorded at Full Range Studio, London. Mastered by Tom Waltz at Waltz Mastering,
Boston, USA.

From My Head To My Feet

1. Hymn of Apollo is a setting of a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley

3. Year of Light (Instrumental)
2015 was the international year of light

5. Melita is a tribute to the incredible history of Malta, the country where I grew up

7. The Harpist's Song is a setting of lines written on the tomb of Intef i, Pharaoh of Egypt c. 2100 B.C.

2. Jane Wenham's Trial tells the story of one of Britain's last trials for witchcraft. It caused a sensation in 1712

4. From My Head to My Feet is a song about breaking free from the tyranny of endlessly thinking about the past and future

6. Once Upon a Time (Instrumental)