Background Magazine (Netherlands)

'A hot candidate from my personal 'Album of the Year 2016''

Progression Magazine (USA) 4.5/5

From My Head to My Feet from British composer/multi-instrumentalist Simon McKechnie is about as accomplished an independent work as you’re likely to encounter. This is McKechnie’s third release, a solid collection of daring musical adventures as melodically rich as it is lyrically eccentric.
The album opens with ‘Hymn of Apollo,’ a theatrical piece that sounds like a Broadway musical composed by Peter Gabriel-era Genesis with words by Percy Bysshe Shelley. McKechnie’s flute melodies, 12 string guitar, gorgeous piano passages and jazzy sax lines.
Other highlights: ‘Jane Wenham,’ a story-song about the last British witch trial in 1714 with with gorgeous melodies and involving lyrics echoing XTC’s Oranges and Lemons. ‘From My Head to My Feet’ is a fine slice of of funk-progwith a great vocal and tricky meter changes evoking the zaniness of early Roxy Music. And ‘Once Upon a Time’ brings us an epic 12-minute instrumental sounding like a shotgun marriage of Steve Hackett and Jean Luc Ponty guesting with Yes, Intigued?
Nick Tate

Exposé (USA)

'Every track is a winner, melodic without being overly pretty.'

Sea of Tranquility (USA)

'An excellent progressive rock album that will appeal to music fans looking for something a little different.'

Neoprog (France) - In French

'Simon offers a beautiful alternative to contemporary progressive rock, mixing diverse influences to impose a style that is unique until the end. To be discovered urgently.'

Progressive Rock Brazil

'The record is a musical pleasure, from beginning to end, and contains a great variety of Progressive styles and cadences.'

Betreutesproggen (Germany) - In German

'"From My Head to My Feet is an extraordinary statement of a creative mind'. Fans of early Yes will be in their comfort zone'.

The Progressive Aspect (UK)

' It is obvious that Simon possesses great skill as a musician, composer and arranger, using all the obvious prog tropes with some panache and no little originality, effortlessly crafting epics in the traditional sense.'

El Retorno del Gigante (Argentina) - In Spanish

'In conclusion, a fantastic work from Simon McKechnie, enjoyable from the first listen, that shows us that his music grows with each record.'


Simon (bass), Richard Exall (sax) and Adam Riley (drums) playing with the jazz fusion band Azul with Victoria Newton.